• Decorative Logs in shades of ochre, blush pink and pale grey by The Log Basket. 
  • 'Blushed Ochre' - a colour palette influenced by current trends in home interior design.
  • With or without Silver Lustre.
  • Hand-painted wooden logs for an unusual log display in an empty recess or alcove.
  • Choose to display either the coloured ends or the natural wood ends of the logs.
  • A variety of log diameters in each bundle creates a close-fitting log stack.
  • Each bundle will fill a 30cm x 30cm x log length (12" x 12" x log length) space.
  • Approximately 12-15 logs per bundle.
  • Available in 10cm and 20cm log lengths.

Part of our Colour Mix range of hand-painted ornamental stacking logs, 'Blushed Ochre' is a curated colour palette strongly influenced by a current trend in interior design for mustard hues. A popular choice in home decor, mustard/ochre is a versatile shade that combines so beautifully with blush pink. We've added a gentle light grey into the Mix, with an optional silver highlight - stack these logs into an unused fireplace, empty recess or alcove to create a refreshing focal point in your home.
We use environmentally friendly, water-based, extremely hard-wearing paints from The Little Greene Paint Company to hand-paint our Colour Mix bundles. Opt to include Silver Lustre too, and several of the logs will be painted with a rich and lustrous silver metallic finish. One end of each log is meticulously painted and the other end grain is left as natural wood for you to choose which end to display. Switch your stacked logs around occasionally for a quick and easy refresh or simple update to your interior!
Each bundle of 'Blushed Ochre' Colour Mix Logs contains 12-15 logs of varying diameters (from 4cm to 15cm approximately), including one log that has been split into two halves. These half-logs are ideal for neatening the ends of the rows of your installation - simply offer up the long, cut/split side of the log to the inner wall of the recess to create a log stack that looks perfectly tailor-made for your space. Colour Mix Logs are ideal for filling virtually any small or large recess, fireplace, alcove or shelf space. One bundle of these logs will fill a space measuring 30cm x 30cm x log length (12" x 12" x log length).
'Blushed Ochre' Colour Mix Logs are available in either 10cm or 20cm log lengths.
'Blushed Ochre' paint shades include: Yellowpink / Pink Slip / Lead Colour / Optional: Silver Lustre

How many will you need?
To accurately work out how many bundles of logs you'll need to completely fill your space, measure the height and width of the recess and then use one of these formulae:
In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total number of bundles needed (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total number of bundles needed (Height times Width divided by 144)
You choose the length of log that best suits the depth of your space - either 10cm or 20cm long log.

Condition: New