Cattle Skull Wall Art - METALLIC ACCENTS - *ONE-OFF*

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Cattle Skull Wall Art - METALLIC ACCENTS - *ONE-OFF*
  • Cattle Skull wall decoration by The Log Basket.
  • With hooks to hang and display jewellery or lightweight trinkets.
  • Wooden bull's head wall art in mid-grey and dark grey.
  • Gold leaf detailing.
  • Solid brass accents.
  • Designed to be hung on a wall.
  • 72cm x 26cm approximately.

A wooden Cattle Skull in two shades of grey with gold and brass accents that will make a statement on your wall. Not only is this a piece of unique wall art - this striking bull's head sculpture will also display your precious trinkets or organise your pretty jewellery! Drape your necklaces and bracelets from the hooks on the horns, or adorn them instead with small mementos or lightweight decorations (nothing too heavy, to ensure the Skull remains level).

This Skull is a one-off and is full of character - the horns are dark grey and the (not symmetrical) head is mid-grey in colour. The entire painted Skull has a distressed finish, including sections that have been gilded with shining gold leaf. We've used solid brass hooks along the length of the horns; the pretty pattern detail on the head has been created with solid brass nails.

The Skull has been hand crafted from locally sourced timber and is suitable for displaying on a wall. A balanced hanging hook is attached to the rear of the Skull.

Cracks may be present within the wood; this can occur sometimes during the drying processes and isn't a fault - please see images for reference.

The Skull measures 72cm x 26cm approximately and will require simple assembly upon delivery.

Colours used from our Paint Chart: SCREE (Head) / LAMP BLACK (Horns)