From left: 6' Deer for Harrods / branch hanger for / cluster plinths for Harrods

If you have a particular project in mind with specific requirements, we can help.

Our logs can be cut to almost any length to suit your project.

We can tailor a Colour Mix colour palette for your logs, Log Wall Art or Cattle Skulls just for you. If you require a colour that is NOT included within our paint chart, we can usually still incorporate it for you for a small additional charge. In certain circumstances we can also apply stains and varnishes for you - have a chat with us to see what we can offer. (These options will be classed as Custom Orders*). We can also often include specific colours that you have already used in your interiors - simply get in touch and we will try and help!

We are able to supply log plinths or log pedestals in many sizes for shop merchandising (our rustic log deer can be created in virtually any size, too). We can also gild log plinths or poles with gold or silver leaf to add wow factor...and if you need a HUGE Cattle Skull to display above your bar, reception desk or restaurant pass - we're sure we can help!

Whatever your project, do contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll work with you to provide the perfect installation.

Please note: any of the above may incur additional charges.

*We work closely with you when you commission a CUSTOM ORDER - they are created specifically for you and as such are non-returnable.