Decorative Logs - BLACKENED

Ultra-dramatic charred logs with an Industrial feel.
Decorative Logs - BLACKENED
  • Blackened decorative logs by The Log Basket.
  • Charred, real wood logs to stack and display in an alcove, shelf space or empty recess.
  • Nearly-black logs are an unusual finishing touch for deep, dark on-trend interiors.
  • Each bundle consists of different diameters of logs for a tight fitting stack with very few gaps.
  • One bundle contains enough logs to fill a space measuring 30cm x 30cm x log length (12” x 12” x log length).
  • Available in 10cm and 20cm log lengths.

Our Blackened Logs obtain their brown/black hue by charring – or burning – the wood in a controlled environment. The logs will vary in intensity; many will adopt a ‘zebra-like’ appearance along the length of the wood, where parts of the log naturally resist burning. Similarly, the end grains also vary, from completely black to brown, with clearly defined growth rings. Any soot residue is removed and the logs are given a protective coat of matt varnish which doesn’t impede the colouring. One end of each log is left as bare wood – you can switch them around, showing both Blackened and natural wood end grains in your display if you wish.
Blackened Logs are available in 10cm and 20cm log lengths. Both are available to pre-order.

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Firstly, carefully measure the height and width of the recess that you would like to install the logs in. Use one of the following formulae to calculate how many bundles you will require to completely fill it - then select the length of log that is best suited to the depth of your space:

In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 144)
Condition: New