Decorative Logs - NATURAL STYLE

Stylish, natural wood decorative logs.
Decorative Logs - NATURAL STYLE
  • Decorative Natural Style Logs by The Log Basket.
  • Round ornamental logs to stack into an empty recess.
  • Create a warm and inviting focal point, easily and quickly.
  • Softwood logs of various diameters for a close-fitting stack with minimal gaps.
  • One bundle contains enough logs to fill a space measuring 30cm x 30cm x log length (12” x 12” x log length)
  • Available in 10cm and 20cm log lengths

A stack of our decorative Natural Style Logs will effortlessly create a beautiful feature in any interior. Completely fill a recess from bottom to top, or consider part-filling...there are no rules, no right or wrong way! Simply unpack your logs and stack them into place - that's all there is to it.

The mixed diameters of the logs (4cm to 15cm approximately) will create a beautiful 'random' pattern when stacked. This also ensures a tight-fitting log stack with minimal gaps, making these logs ideal for filling both small and very large recesses. The shape of each log is governed by the tree's growth - not all logs will be perfectly straight or perfectly circular – which will create a log stack that’s full of character. We suggest you try to really mix up the diameters as you stack, avoiding grouping too many similar diameters together.

As with all of our wood products, these logs should NOT be stacked or displayed against, or adjacent to, any fire or burner that may cause the logs to get hot.

One bundle (30cm x 30cm x log length) contains approximately 12-15 logs, including one log that has been split into two halves - perfect for filling small gaps around the edges of the stack. Once your logs have been installed, sit back and enjoy. They will last you for years to come…simply flick a feather duster over them every now and again to keep them clean.

Natural Style Logs are available in 10cm and 20cm lengths.

HOW MANY BUNDLES WILL YOU NEED? Measure the height and width of the recess that you would like to fill and then use our formulae to calculate how many bundles you will need to completely fill it:
In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 144)


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