Decorative Logs - NORDIC WHITE Colour Mix

Neutral palette for your Nordic retreat.
Decorative Logs - NORDIC WHITE Colour Mix
  • Nordic White Colour Mix decorative logs by The Log Basket.
  • Stacking logs influenced by the trend for Scandi-inspired interiors.
  • Ornamental logs in clean, cool white and natural wood.
  • Round logs hand-painted on one end only - display the white OR wooden ends.
  • Supplied in varying diameters for a close-fitting log stack.
  • One bundle fills an area 30cm x 30cm.
  • Available in 10cm and 20cm long logs.

These clean and crisp white decorative logs add a hint of Nordic styling to your interiors. Stack them in an empty alcove or unused fireplace with all painted end grains displayed, mix them around using a combination of natural wood ends and white...or blend a bundle or two with any of our Colour Mix combinations. Wouldn't they look amazing with one of our METALLIC options interspersed amongst the log stack?

One end grain of each log is meticulously hand painted, whilst the opposite end will be left as natural wood, for you to decide which end to display in your log stack.

COLOUR MIX logs are of varying diameters (4cm to 15cm). One bundle (30cm x 30cm x log length) contains approximately 12-15 logs, including two half logs to neaten edges. Quantity advice for your installation is provided further below.

These logs are available in either 10cm or 20cm lengths. (Both log lengths are available to pre-order).

Nordic White Paint Shades: White

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Take your measurements for the space that you would like to fill, and use one of these formulae to calculate how many bundles of logs you will require to fill the recess to the top:

In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 900)

In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total number of bundles required (Height times Width divided by 144)

You choose the length of log you prefer for your log stack.


Condition: New