Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix
Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix
Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix
Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix
Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix

Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix

Modern rustic style.
Decorative Logs - RUSTIC TEAL Colour Mix
  • Rustic Teal Colour Mix decorative logs by The Log Basket.
  • Stack and display in an empty fireplace or alcove to create a beautiful feature.
  • Hand painted real wood logs.
  • Shades of pastel blue, light grey, turquoise and white.
  • Opt to display the painted ends or natural wood ends - or a combination of both.
  • A simple and speedy way to update any room.
  • One bundle fills a space 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12").
  • 12 - 15 logs per bundle.

Stacking our hand painted, colourful decorative logs into an unused fireplace or empty alcove is such an easy way to update or refresh any interior. They create a stunning focal point once in-situ - it's so quick to do! Simply unpack the logs and stack them into place; arrange them as randomly as possible for a pleasing effect. That's all you have to do - then sit back and enjoy them for years to come! Simply flick a feather duster over them every now and again to keep them clean.

Teal is an ideal accent for natural wood. To add a modern rustic feel to your empty fireplace, install this mix of seaside blue, pale grey, teal and white with plenty of natural end grains on display.

One end of each 'Rustic Teal' log is hand painted using water-based, environmentally friendly paint from The Little Greene Paint Company. We leave the other end grain completely natural - you choose which end to display!

Our 'Rustic Teal' logs are of varying diameters (4cm to 15cm) per bundle. One bundle (30cm x 30cm x log length) contains approximately 12-15 logs, including two half logs. These halves are perfect for neatening edges - offer up the long, flat, cut edge of the log to the inner wall of the recess to fill any small gaps perfectly. Installation quantity advice is provided further below.

Available in 10cm and 20cm lengths. (Both log lengths are available to pre-order).

RUSTIC TEAL paint shades: Brighton / Turquoise Blue / Lead Colour / White

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Once you have measured the height and width of your space, use one of these handy formulae to calculate the quantity of bundles you will need to completely fill it:
In Centimetres: Height x Width/900 = total bundles required (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width/144 = total bundles required (Height x Width divided by 144)

Then select the length of log that best suits your requirements.


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