Decorative Logs - SUBTLE ANYA Colour Mix

Decorative Logs - SUBTLE ANYA Colour Mix

Contemporary, on-trend blush pink is mixed with dusky pink and green; the Mix is given the hint of a vintage vibe with the inclusion of SILVER LUSTRE.

One end grain of each log is meticulously hand painted using water-based, environmentally friendly paint from The Little Greene Paint Company (with the exception of Silver Lustre). The opposite end is left as natural wood, for you to decide which end to display in your log stack.

As with all of our wood products, these logs should NOT be stacked or displayed against, or adjacent to, any fire or burner that may cause the logs to get hot.

COLOUR MIX logs are of varying diameters (4cm to 15cm). One bundle (30cm x 30cm x log length) contains approximately 12-15 logs, including two half logs to neaten edges. Quantity advice for your installation is given further below.

Available in 10cm and 20cm lengths.


HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Measure your recess (height x width) and use one of our formulae to calculate how many bundles you will require to completely fill the space. You then can decide upon which length of log is best for your installation. By all means ask us if we can help with your decision.
In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total number of bundles needed (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total number of bundles needed (Height times Width divided by 144)

You select the length of log you prefer for your log stack.

SUBTLE ANYA Paint Shades: Pink Slip / Carmine / Garden


Condition: New