Decorative Logs - TROPICS Colour Mix

Botanical mix of green and grey shades.
Decorative Logs - TROPICS Colour Mix
  • Tropics Colour Mix decorative logs by The Log Basket.
  • Stacking logs for interior display, in shades of green and grey.
  • A colour palette inspired by the Botanicals trend in interior design.
  • Hand-painted decorative wooden logs to fill an empty recess, alcove or non-used fireplace.
  • A quick and easy way to update or refresh your home decor.
  • Choose to display the coloured ends of the logs or the natural wood.
  • Each bundle contains logs of various diameters for a tight-fitting log stack.
  • Approximately 12-15 logs in each bundle.
  • One bundle will fill a space 30cm x 30cm x log length (12" x 12" x log length).
  • An easy formula to calculate how many you will need.
  • Available in 10cm or 20cm log lengths.

'Tropics' Colour Mix real wood decorative logs combine beautiful shades of green and grey, taking inspiration from the current interiors trend for all things botanical - think jungle palm trees and banana leaf motifs - from soft furnishings and wallpaper designs to an abundance of green foliage in our homes. Fill an empty recess or disused fireplace with these logs to create a stylish log stack that perfectly complements this trend - they're so simple to install. It's a really easy way to quickly update your home or add the perfect finishing touch to your room makeover.

One end grain of each 'Tropics' log is carefully hand-painted using water-based, environmentally friendly paint from The Little Greene Paint Company. The other end grain of the log is left as natural wood - you decide which end to display in your stack. Why not mix them up for a truly unique log display?

As with all of our wood products, these logs should NOT be stacked or displayed against, or adjacent to, any fire or burner that may cause the logs to get hot.

Each bundle of 'Tropics' logs contains logs of varying diameters (4cm to 15cm). This means that the logs will stack closely together and any gaps between the logs will be minimal.

One bundle will fill a space measuring 30cm x 30cm x log length (12" x 12" x log length) and contains approximately 12-15 logs, including one log split into two. These half logs are ideal for filling any small gaps around the edges of the installation. For a fully 'tailor made' appearance, turn the flat/cut side of the half logs so until they rest flush against the inside wall of the recess. Quantity advice is given further below.

Available in 10cm and 20cm lengths. PLEASE NOTE: there will be a slight delay with dispatch of 20cm long logs; these logs are currently being processed through the kilns and will be dispatched as quickly as possible.

TROPICS paint shades: Garden / Aquamarine-Deep / Lead Colour / Scree

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Use our formulae to quickly calculate exactly how many bundles of logs you will need to completely fill a recess or void. Measure the height and width of the space you wish to fill first, then:
In Centimetres: Height x Width / 900 = total bundles required (Height times Width divided by 900)
In Inches: Height x Width / 144 = total bundles required (Height times Width divided by 144)

You select the length of log according to your space.

Condition: New