Establishing your quantities...

All of our logs and log tiles are sold in 'bundles'.
With our decorative logs, you choose the length of log that best suits the depth of the space to fill - either 10cm (4") or 20cm (8") long.
Our log tiles have differing thicknesses, depending on the style you choose.

(All logs and log tiles use the same formula to calculate quantities, as seen below).

One bundle will fill an area measuring 30cm wide x 30cm high (or 12" x 12"), when viewing the end grains (as in the image above), closely stacked.

To calculate the number of bundles that you require, please use the following formulae:


HEIGHT x WIDTH / 900 = number of bundles

(Height times Width divided by 900 = bundles required)



HEIGHT x WIDTH / 144 = number of bundles

(Height times Width divided by 144 = bundles required)

Please do feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements further - we're here to help.