Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours
Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours
Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours
Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours
Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours

Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours

Create your own art, your choice of finish.
Log Wall Art 'SCATTER TILES' - Choose Your Colours
  • Log disc wall art 'Scatter Tiles' by The Log Basket.
  • Unique, versatile wall decoration.
  • Create your own art for your walls.
  • Available in a wide variety of colour and finish options to suit all interiors.
  • Designed to be hung on a flat wall.
  • Also available in lustrous metallics - gold, silver and copper.

A unique wall-hanging decoration available in a myriad of colour combinations, our SCATTER TILES are infinitely flexible - create your very own wall art. Take a plain wall and turn it into something special - quickly and easily! Use them to decorate the wall area above your bed; arrange them in clusters or patterns in smaller areas or go big and create undulating waves on a larger wall space. They're perfect to add interest to an otherwise difficult corner area - they can be arranged to 'flow' from one wall to another.

Our Scatter Tiles are available in a range of beautiful colours and finishes for you to set free your inner artist. Mix and match with colour: co-ordinate or contrast with your home decor schemes.

Each set of SCATTER TILES consists of 12 mixed diameter (14cm maximum diameter approx) wood slices in a variety of thicknesses (up to 4cm maximum thickness). The log tiles will be painted in YOUR CHOICE of colours using rich, water based, hard wearing and child friendly paint from The Little Greene Paint Company*, or you can opt for Natural Wood finish.

For added interest and maximum impact we also offer our Scatter Tiles in Metallic Lustre finish! One set will include 12 Tiles comprising of 4 x Gold Lustre, 4 x Silver Lustre and 4 x Copper Lustre Tiles. If you would like a set of 12 Tiles of just one lustre colour, simply select the Metallic Lustre Scatter Tiles option from the dropdown menu and let us know your colour choice in the text box when adding your tiles to your cart.

Each tile is designed to be hung flat to the wall using a picture nail (supplied; the fixing is invisible when the tiles are displayed), in any arrangement you choose - group them together or spread them wide in an organic swoop! They can be hung on any wall/surface that a small picture nail can be tapped into. They are also ideal for filling an awkward corner of a room with colour, texture and interest - arrange them so that they flow from one wall to the next.


Choose your colours from our Paint Chart or seek inspiration from our COLOUR MIX combinations.

Once you have selected your colours, please let us know your choices in the text box when you add your Scatter Tiles to your cart (or if you prefer, send us an email). We recommend up to 4 colours per set, but the choice is yours. If you would like to include Natural Wood finish within a set, one of your colours may be 'Natural Wood'. Please specify this in your note to us.

Available as:
PAINTED Scatter Tiles (four colours is recommended, one of which may be Natural Wood)

Please select your preference from the dropdown box.

*Applies to all colours with the exception of White and Metallic Lustre finishes.

Other shades from The Little Greene Paint Company may be chosen, however a small extra charge will be incurred. PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER to discuss your requirements.

Condition: New