Chunky log slices to create a faux log stack.
  • One bundle of Staggered Whole Log Wall Tiles by The Log Basket.
  • Versatile wooden wall covering to create a striking, sculptural surface.
  • Create the look of a log stack in a shallow recess, empty fireplace or alcove.
  • Use these log slices to quickly and easily cover an entire wall.
  • One bundle fills a space 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12").
  • 12 - 15 log discs per bundle.
  • Log disc diameters and thicknesses vary to create an architectural appearance.

Our Log Wall Tiles are incredibly versatile - use them to cover an entire wall, to create a feature log wall art panel, to fill a shallow fireplace/recess with a faux log stack or to add a unique design element to any interior project. One customer created a secret door to their hidden drinks cabinet - they simply covered the door in the wall next to their modern fireplace with our tiles to create the illusion of a log store!

Cut from the same softwood stock as our whole peeled logs, these Staggered Whole Log wall tiles provide a wonderfully sculptural edge to your wall covering. This is due to the differing thicknesses of the tiles (ranging from 2cm to 4cm), which create interesting shadows as light passes over them. This effect can be further enhanced with the use of spotlights or down/up-lighters.

If you have a shallow recess, fireplace or alcove that isn't deep enough to contain a stack of regular logs, these log slices will do the job instead. Create a faux log stack by bonding our log tiles directly to the rear wall, or cut and paint a backing board that fits the space and glue them to that instead. Painting the wall or board in a dark colour such as deep grey or soft black helps it to recede, tricking your eye into thinking a full-sized stack of logs is installed instead. Being mindful to arrange the tiles closely together and thus keeping any gaps to a minimum will increase the success of the illusion.

As with all of our wood products, these logs should NOT be stacked or displayed against, or adjacent to, any fire or burner that may cause the logs to get hot.

Diameters of the log tiles vary from 4cm to 15cm. One bundle (plenty to cover an area measuring 30cm x 30cm) will contain approximately 12-15 tiles of varying depth, including a two 'half' log tiles that are ideal for filling little gaps around the edges of your installation.

We strongly suggest using a gap-filling adhesive such as 'No Nails' (not included) to bond the log slices to a wall or backing panel - this will allow a couple of seconds of 'wiggle room' for you to achieve a tight and tidy fit.

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? First of all, measure the space that you would like to fill - check that the depth is adequate for the tiles and the effect that you would like to achieve. Our formulae will help you to calculate exactly how many bundles you will require to completely fill/cover your space:
HEIGHT x WIDTH / 900 = total number of bundles needed (Height multiplied by Width divided by 900 = bundles needed)

HEIGHT x WIDTH / 144 = total number of bundles needed (Height multiplied by Width divided by 144 = bundles needed)

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