Chunky, chopped log slices for a sculptural effect.
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  • One bundle of Staggered Rustic Split Style Log Wall Tiles by The Log Basket.
  • Hand-chopped, chunky log slices of various thicknesses.
  • Wooden wall covering with sculptural results.
  • Ideal to create a rustic faux log stack in a shallow/fake fireplace.
  • Use to create a feature wall art panel.
  • Bond to a flat wall or backing panel.
  • One bundle will cover a space 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12").

Created from the same softwood stock as our peeled split logs, these hand-chopped log slice tiles are of varying depths/thicknesses (ranging from 2cm to 4cm). This creates a highly sculptural effect for your wall covering. This can be further emphasised with the use of up- or down-lights, angled across the tiled surface.

Use our Log Wall Tiles to cover a large surface area or wall quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for maximum effect. They are also perfect for creating a faux log stack in a shallow recess (or fake fireplace), where depth limits the installation of a full sized log stack. Consider using the tiles to cover cupboard doors, giving the illusion of a log store.

Use a 'grab' or gap-filling adhesive such as 'No Nails' to securely glue the tiles to a flat wall or panel - this type of adhesive will allow a couple of seconds of 'wiggle room', to achieve a close fit.

One bundle will cover an area measuring 30cm x 30cm.

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Measure the area you would like to cover or install the tiles, then calculate the quantity of bundles needed by using one of these formulae:

In CENTIMETRES: HEIGHT x WIDTH / 900 = number of bundles required (Height multiplied by Width divided by 900 = bundles needed)

In INCHES: HEIGHT x WIDTH / 144 = number of bundles required (Height multiplied by Width divided by 144 = bundles needed)

Condition: New