Chunky, chopped log slices for a sculptural effect.
  • One bundle of Staggered Rustic Split Style Log Wall Tiles by The Log Basket.
  • Hand-chopped, chunky log slices of various thicknesses.
  • Wooden wall covering with sculptural results.
  • Ideal to create a rustic faux log stack in a shallow/fake fireplace.
  • Use to create a feature wall art panel.
  • Bond to a flat wall or backing panel.
  • One bundle will cover a space 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12").

Created from the same softwood stock as our peeled split logs, these hand-chopped log slice tiles are of varying depths/thicknesses (ranging from 2cm to 4cm). This creates a highly sculptural effect for your wall covering. This can be further emphasised with the use of up- or down-lights, angled across the tiled surface.

Use our Log Wall Tiles to cover a large surface area or wall quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for maximum effect. They are also perfect for creating a faux log stack in a shallow recess (or fake fireplace), where depth limits the installation of a full sized log stack. Consider using the tiles to cover cupboard doors, giving the illusion of a log store.

As with all of our wood products, these logs should NOT be stacked or displayed against, or adjacent to, any fire or burner that may cause the logs to get hot. 

Use a 'grab' or gap-filling adhesive such as 'No Nails' to securely glue the tiles to a flat wall or panel - this type of adhesive will allow a couple of seconds of 'wiggle room', to achieve a close fit.

One bundle will cover an area measuring 30cm x 30cm.

HOW MANY WILL YOU NEED? Measure the area you would like to cover or install the tiles, then calculate the quantity of bundles needed by using one of these formulae:

In CENTIMETRES: HEIGHT x WIDTH / 900 = number of bundles required (Height multiplied by Width divided by 900 = bundles needed)

In INCHES: HEIGHT x WIDTH / 144 = number of bundles required (Height multiplied by Width divided by 144 = bundles needed)

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